Stacy Okai

Hi Sylvester, thanks for your suggestion. Two of the data loggers that were used actually have a built-in RTC(DS1307), and the third logger uses an RTC module. The appropriate libraries were also installed for RTC usage.

You can check out the code on our blog post titled “Data Logging with the Nano Shield – Testing – Programming and Results – Version 1.”

Here is the link:

Data Logging with the Nano Shield – Final Test Circuit-Programming and Results (Version 1)

The main problem was trying to use the RTC and/or code the program in such a way that when each event/case took place, the duration of time the event occurred would be documented. For example, if a red LED was on in a forward case from 5:36:05 to 5:38:09, we would want to print the difference of 2 minutes 4 seconds (00:02:04).

I also tried implementing the “millis” function, during the coding phase, and had no success.

I appreciate your help!!

Thank you for your message!

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