Stacy Okai

Great question!

There were several rewarding aspects of working on Go Baby Go. Firstly, this is an amazing foundation, and all of the work done is for a great cause. I am honored to have a role in impacting the lives of many young children and for the ability to aid in the research process. I look forward to seeing how Go Baby Go will continue to expand over time.

Secondly, as Min mentioned, I was able to further develop and strengthen my teamwork and communication skills. I learned how to express my thoughts more efficiently and effectively, and became a better listener. It was rewarding to acknowledge some of the project milestones Min and I have reached and the goals we have accomplished over the course of the project.

Lastly, it was rewarding to be able to create successful working coding programs! As you may know, coding can be challenging, especially for someone who doesn’t have much experience in that area like me. Finally getting a program to work, after having difficulty with it for a very very long time, was extremely gratifying.

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