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Data Logger – Project Needs and Overview


Christian Brothers University partnered with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center on the Go Baby Go project. 


For this project, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) wants a device implemented to the MROC to keep track of the child’s interaction with the vehicle. This helps them document the data (specifically the time, date, and forward/backward motion) for further analysis.


The purpose of this project is to create and install a component that measures and records variables each time the Motorized Ride on Cars (MROC) is in use. Measuring continuous fluctuating complex data is a difficult task and must consist of accurate information for proper analysis and research. Also, collecting information by hand is subjected to human error, biased, and is overall inaccurate.

For this project, the task is completed by utilizing a data logger. A data logger is an electronic device that monitors and records information over time.


This project is intended for a prototype to be developed for an easy build and economically beneficial. There are two types of customers; the first being the parents and therapist (or UTHSC) to monitor an MROC, and the second being the children. The purpose of logging this data is for the therapist to record and analyze when the child uses the MROC, and to record the forward/backward motion.

The design should meet the following specifications:

  • Record sequential data during and after each use of the MROC
  • Remember and store information from previous uses
  • Measure different variables for research (date, time, forward/backward motion)
  • Save, store, and output data to an SD card
  • User-friendly and easy set

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