Data Logging with Nano Shield – Initial Sensor Testing

As mentioned in the previous post, the Nano kit included all parts and a BMP280 sensor for immediate use.

This post will talk about initial data logger testing using the BMP280 sensor.

The BMP280 measures barometric pressure and temperature.

It is an I2C sensor and uses only four pins to connect to the Nano data logger.

This image of Dupont female connecters that were used connect the sensor to the logger.

Here is a look at the connection:

Here are additional connection details:

That’s it on the setup!

On to coding.

Code and Results

Working code was also available on: http://kaptery.com/guides/

Here is a sample of the code and results:

The circuit is programmed to read time, temperature, pressure, and elevation. All of this information is saved and appended to a text file on the microSD card.

Just like that, initial testing on the Nano logger device was done in less than an hour.

It was now time to make a final design decision on which logger would be implemented in the MROC prototype.

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