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Data Logging With Nano Shield – Assembly


Throughout the design process of the DS3231 and the Arduino Data Logging Shield, another data logging device caught our attention. 

This design uses the Arduino Nano and a data logging shield. The necessary parts are all included in a kit from Kaptery (http://kaptery.com/) that cost $29.

Included in the kit:

  • Arduino Nano with the logger shield
  • BMP280 sensor that measures barometric pressure and temperature
  • 1 GB MicroSD card
  • A case for four AA or AAA batteries
  • AC-DC converter supplies 5 volts from wall power
  • USB type A to mini USB power/data cable
  • 4 connecting wires
  • CR1220 coin cell battery for real-time clock


We decided to test this third logger because of its feasibility, user-friendliness, and cost.

The build of this circuit was quick and easy. 

Here is an image of our completed setup.

With the help of the detailed instructions seen above, after only 4 short steps, the Nano data logger was ready for initial testing.

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