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Stacy Okai

Data Logging with Arduino Shield – Shield Assembly

For my data logger design, I used the Arduino Uno Data Logger Shield/ The data logger shield board has pinholes and header pins that align directly with the Arduino Uno microcontroller for simple attachment. The board arrives unassembled, however. Therefore, to connect the Arduino and data logger together, header pins

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Stacy Okai

Data Logging with Arduino Shield – Test Circuit Setup

After assembling the device, the next step was to make a test circuit so I could begin to record data. Usually, when someone collects data, there are variables or conditions that change over time. For UTHSC, the group wanted a data logger that could ultimately keep track of the date

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Stacy Okai & Min-Seo Song

Data Logging With Nano Shield – Assembly

Concept Throughout the design process of the DS3231 and the Arduino Data Logging Shield, another data logging device caught our attention.  This design uses the Arduino Nano and a data logging shield. The necessary parts are all included in a kit from Kaptery (http://kaptery.com/) that cost $29. Included in the

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